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the policy could threaten local businesses. a big sinkhole is continuung to cause trouble in little iialy... but hopefullyyfor just a few more hours.you an see the hole is the size of a caa in the middle ablemaale street.it's t east 15 feet deep and sits rrght ii front of several homes and businesses.the department of public works says a sewer rrpair back in uggst may be to blame.but for now.. neighbors are just learning to cope. (16:12)the fact that i justt moved into the city its like welcome to the city its definitely interesting its was enterraining until about 3 o'clock his morning last night. night....thh department says the work is expected to be finished by lunchtime today. yyur monthly b-g-e bill could soon see an increase of up to tto ollars... to ccver b-g-e hits.a gubernatorial task force made 11 recommendations to help the state's power grid and prevent long outages.one of the proposals includes all b-g-e billl.thh extra money would go toward expanding mainttnancc trrmming....to burying more (governor) ""hey're probably willing to pay another dollar or two a month if th
aaert and security is tightee thhs at a local university..... lt - saaetyy jool d. smitt is live at otre dameeof maryland university in north baltimore wwere students say they are surprised ... but tilllnoo scared after wwatthappened.. good morniig joel d..-&3 good morning guys, this is an extremely rare crime on this campus that had noomajor &pcrimes reported at all last happen? .... the time of day suspect. police say it happened around 3am monday morning... that means it was as dark as this.... look how dark it is without a light onn when investigatorsssay a at's - female studeet was alking down this pathwaa neer the shared between notre daae andd &ployola. sse was on her way back to her doom on notre dame's caapus,,when police say a man raabed her, thrratened her with a knnfe, ..then sexually assaulttd her. after recovering, the woman decided to come forwarddand report the alleged attack, ann that's when the school informed students and staff initial shock, the students we confidence in the security here. don't really seem shaken about itt ppople are just usi
and local n-dduble--ac-p leaders aree john rydell explains... age.as - supporters and opponents of question six aae using personal storiess.. to makk their point. point. 3&"the reality hereeis this iss rights."benjamin jealous...is sppakingg..not only...as as the son of interracial arents. they got married backk in 19666in ashiiggon, d.c...beccuse interracial marriage...was sttll illegal ii maryland..jeallus) "my father was disowned because of that marriage,,my mom lost many friends."a story that has shapee how jealous...now &pviiws... same-sex arriage. he calls support of question six...a matter of fairness. (jealous) people willing to is a civil rights issue, a matter offcivillllw."(rydell) "but some public opinion polls &psuggest that many marylandees pppose same sex maariage including a baptist minister from baltiiore county who is aaso a prominent state delegate.""it's not a ciiil right, it's aamoral wrrng." delegaae emmett burns ssys in the early 60'ss...e was arrested in mississipppi...for a sign that said "whites ooly."- (burns) "it was wrong to deny me the right toodrink water."
ccupons... to mmke going out bringing locals back... to masonvvlle cove.the environnental preserve that's risen... from what was oon of the most contaminated parts of the harbor. ((break 2)) 3 for early 1000yearss no one had aay reason toovisit masonville cove.tte shore of &psouth baltimore was hhme to &pthe mosttcontaminated parts o the harror.paul gesslerr reports that's now a thing of the past. past. lt. gov. anthony broonn: "simply put, this area was a dumpingggroundd" "it was not a place anyyody wanttd to &pvisit and it could have easil stayyd that way."masonville cooe has come a long way rom wasteland... to now wetlanns. laura: "the patapso river was my playgrounddevery summer todayyare stakeholddrs and stake driverr....planting baltimore harbor.child the - (shows dirty, sandy handd) they're getting their hands dirty like voluntters have the past six years.the pictures james iper bond, living a decrepit duupsite that used to pollute the chesapeake bay, and turr it into site that is a beauty.. this is ig. pity and the tate of maryland."richard g. annerson, brooolyn-curtis bay coa
seasonnas one of the best ever forra reliever. and sooe local entrrpreneurs are his season.ll want more than 3 season.. joel d. smith is llve in dundalk where tte latest oriolls t-shirt is trying o capitalize on the orioles "good times". good morning joee d. &p3 33 3 3 3 theeffist of three take place tonight in denver. the state has nine electoral votes uu for grabb, making it a key rize for bothh the democratic incumbent and his republican chhllenger..-ain. preview. final preparations are underway for tonight's first presidential election debaae showdown between president obama and republican candddate mitt romney will take place at the universityyoo denver. unlikeedebatessof tte past... organizers say this event will be a little different.peter eyre / commissioo oo presidential ebates:"...ss what's different about the format is that we are dividdng the hour-and-a-half debate into six discuusion segments // we think ttat those exxended iscussioo periods thh world really et a sense of thh candidates views on he key issues..." the economy is a key issue on he cammai
's goinngto happen"no crime is too big or too small for the group.here's steve shin, chhcking in on a local clock maker...who's tonight:and they're so quick, &pwe had trouble keeping up wit "watching out for people walling their dooss coming home late that type of thing" thing""often we're looking for people alone, women, needing an escort back to their car" car""we do know some people wwo supply the drug trade in the area, the numbers have gone down but people are engaged here" here" pf you queetionnthe groups impact...you only nned to look at baltimore city pollce'ssown statistics...since they began their patrols in direct result have gone down more than 40 % in the area... area..."very appreciative, you can risk your life, i donnt think i could do it myself" myself" anddwhile the crime may be decreasing, theepassion to take back their streets neverrw. will."we are proud of the work we've done, i think we're a model for the rest of the city and country for the work we've " done""i love mt. vernon"janice park...fox45 news at ten. it's asy to join the midtown benefits district.they meet up
enrrllment comes arouud. a gooo deed... turns into a major headache forra local wound up... in the hands of criminals. ((break 2)) anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. investtgation uncovers how tte hands of criminals.part of the problem... is that the name on the title diin't channe.crime and justicc reporter joy lepola tells us about a bureaacratii battle for one couplee.. trying to do something nice. nice. 3 3((pkg)) it's a 1999 chevrolet maliiu....similar to this one... that angela cobb and her husband donated. 10:19:36 it didn't make sense to trash theecar we said we would donate it. they turne
3 3 &p((breek 2)) local ppcs from naomi... 3- erin -glen burnie-tree down ii yyrd, says trre missed hour byy11 inches.-trampoline severly damaged -jessica in middle riier- says ditch behind her &phhuse flooded.! when it comes to newssor storm damagg in your nnighboohood... see it.. shoot it.. send ii. you &pcan upload photos and videoo to our website. go o onnthe "see it, shoot it, send it icon. yoo can also seed cell phone to "pics at yyuu foxbaltimore dot com." &p((break 3)) 3 3 - take a look at this! - front of an apartment building ippee off by sandy's force- 92nd street and 8th avenue in anhaatan fell off during stoom- o one was injured -- new york, new york-- gennry state park covered in water 3 -- belmar, newwjersey-- water rushing thrrogh playground 3 p stephanie rawlings-blake: vo se. incredible opportunity for baltimore. jim smith: question seven will bring table games like... blackjack and poker to baltimore. stephanie rawlings-blake: you're talking about 500 new jobs. ken ulman: and increased tourism will mean more business... for maryland'
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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